Stay At Stone Wall

Hail To Your Graces, Thy castle awaits thee.

A medieval experience in SLC!

The joys of winter? That’s how our story started, We began remodeling the inside on 2017 to make it a place for game nights with friends and family then fast-forward and it is now one of Salt lake city’s hottest Airbnbs!

From our indoor theater with BEAUTIFUL starlight ceilings to our HUGE indoor jacuzzi modern style bathroom, we really wanted to create a unique and amazing experience..

The remodeling part really took about 2 years to complete, the stonework itself was a huge project to start and finish, we remodeled the kitchen at least 3 times to see which one was the perfect fit and decided to just go all in with the stone throughout the house, and this is how STONEWALL CASTLE was created, hence the name!


A medieval experience in SLC!

As time went on we decided to incorporate several unique themes for people to choose from, essentially different styles in the decoration of the home to make it more personalized and more of a unique experience.

Currently we have several options to choose from: Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones and Dungeons And Dragons. With the help of our guests, we are constantly improving and making changes to make the best possible stay you’ve ever had in your life!

We have over 400+ movies you can choose from from our Digital Collection for you to enjoy at in the Indoor Theater room, as well as other streaming apps like, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu.



Peek into our world