Stonewall Castle
Utah's Most unique Airbnb
A Knight's Keep
Sleeps up to 8
Muggles & Wizards
All are welcome
Indoor Theatre
Starlight ceiling + Surround sound
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Some of our Amenities

Fenced Backyard


Indoor Fireplace

Indoor Theater

Free Parking

Bath Tub


Laundry Room

Cooking Basics

Smart Lighting

A magical place for your entire family to enjoy!

In the year of our Lord 2017, Stonewall Castle was created, a hidden retreat serving as a refuge for weary rulers, knights, magical folk, and the occasional goblin. From this fortress, you will rule thy peasants with honor although they no longer need protection from the dragon whose head now hangs on the castle wall for all to see. Come enjoy a magical stay and create irreplaceable memories!

Dungeons and Dragons

Who said Dungeons & Dragons? And what better way to play than in a freaking castle!. It just adds to the ambience and reality of your medieval quest of fighting dragons and medieval creatures alike!

Create irreplaceable memories! This place truly is magical, from the details of the decorations to the amazing luxury and comfort it offers! Truly fit for Royalty and Nobles alike!


Game of Thrones

Yes you read that right! We also have a Game of Thrones Fan Theme. Where you can choose to have it decorated to your liking, and bring you into a magical world of dragons and Direwolves.

We have carefully selected only the best decorations for you to have a unique an magical experience! Whether you are a Maester, Dothraki , Khaleesi or Rh’llor, you will not be disappointed!


Harry Potter

In need of a place of wonders and magic? Calling al Muggles and Magic folk alike! A magical getaway to call your own! Our Harry Potter Fan Castle is sure to take you into the potterverse of this magical home and charming home.

From the fine details of the stone work, bringing that feeling you’re in a dungeon, to the Hogwarts and Slytherin rooms of the manor. Whether you’re a muggle or wizard you will have a fantastic stay in the Harry Potter themed home


A medieval experience in SLC!

Thee shall have full access to the entire Castle and property except the shed. Thy stay shall be protected by stonewalls, 24/7 Knight in the Castle, with Gargoyle cameras on the exterior.

There is a movie theater in the basement and a large jetted tub.Thy beds and linens are the finest in the land when our Lord traded for them in the Swedish Kingdom of Eye-Key-A.